South Padre Island, RV Travel

Where are we now?

We're chilling at the beach on South Padre Island, and enjoying Friday night fireworks, fishing, swimming, tanning, boating and other beach stuff.

Our Not-So-Normal Journey


Exactly one year ago we were working the traditional desk jobs. We enjoyed our work for the most part, but eventually we found ourselves wanting to explore. We thought that meant moving to a new city, so we did.

Our life in Oklahoma City was fun. We met new friends, went to a few new places and found jobs we both really loved and, best of all, we could work from home.

We had a few months of us both working in the apartment every day. So, we started looking at houses to buy and settle down. Then, we watched HGTV...

Those Tiny House Hunters always found cute little abodes that we're somehow almost as expensive as a starter home. We joked, well an RV would be less expensive and you could travel the country.

The rest is, as they say, history...

Now, we are on the road as full-time RVers, which means we move our house to some place new every one to two weeks or so.

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